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Here are some popular questions about our Media Site


  1. 1. Where Can I find out more about Plantation SDA Church?

Please visit our Main Site.


  1. 2. Why Can't I find a sermon from the early 2000s?

We have sermon and concert archives dating back to 2004.  However, the archive is not complete and there a a few weeks missing in some years where we had hardware failures (especially 2013).


3. Can I view your videos on YouTube?

Sure.  Visit our YouTube channel or Vimeo Channel if you prefer to view the content there.


4. Is there any advantage of viewing content here rather than on YouTube or Vimeo?

This site is optimized for finding and viewing sermons, sevices and content.  We have considerable metadata attached to each video that makes locating content easier.  In addition, you have quick access to the YouVersion sermon notes and bulletin information for each program here.  Finally, there are no commercials on the content in this site.


5. What formats are the services, sermons and concerts recorded on?

You can purchase recordings in these formats:

Digital Download (.mp4)

Flash Drive (.mp4)

SD Card (.mp4)

Digital Audio Download (.mp3, audio only)


6. Is there any way to purchase a DVD recording of a service?

Unfortunately not.  Due to recent software changes, we are unable to produce DVDs.


7. Why are the CDs either music or sermons and not both?

Unfortunately, we can't fit an entire service on a CD.  So you can order either the sermon or music but not both on the same CD


8. How Long Does it Take Before the recordings are ready for pickup?

Typically, the flash drives and SD cards are available the  week  after the request (depending on demand).


Can't find an answer to your question?  Please email us at video@plantationsda.com