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Pastor Joseph Salajan is currently preaching a series on the book of Revelation entitled "Apocalypse"





Episode Title Theme Date
1 Don't Just Read It; Listen to It! The impact of God's word January 6, 2018
2 Stop Being Afraid of Surgery! Jesus is Priest and Judge January 27, 2018
3 He Said He’s Coming, So He’s Coming! Jesus is coming soon! He is at the door February 10, 2018
4 If You're Not Fresh, You Need a Refresh! How to move out of self-sufficiency March 10, 2018
5 No Thorns, No Throne; No Cross, No Crown Victory is Jesus! March 17, 2018
6 That’s Not a Victim; That’s a Victor! How Jesus became a Victor March 31, 2018
7 We Are FOR You, Not AGAINST You! A multi-ethenic, multi-cultural gospel April 7, 2018
8 Are We There Yet? Almost There! God will lead His people to victory  April 28, 2018
9 The Warranty of Royalty is HIS Loyalty! There will be a great multitude that will be able to stand victoriously in front of the Lamb! May 5, 2018
10 Don’t Worship Him If He’s Not Worthy!  Why Do We Worship God? May 26, 2018
11 A Scentless Prayer Is a Senseless Prayer!  When we pray for justice in His merits, Christ takes care of our enemies. June 23, 2018
12 God Still Hears the Sound of the Trumpet! Mercy and Justice August 4, 2018
13 Make that Last Call Sound Like a Last Call! The last call for humanity September 1, 2018
14 You're Not Meant to Do This Alone! Witnessing for Christ is something you're not supposed to do alone October 13, 2018
15 The Ruler that Rules By the Best Rules… Christ will soon/finally take full rulership of Planet Earth December 29, 2018
16 The Camp Director Never Leaves the Camp! God is faithful to His covenant people and keeps His promises no matter what January 5, 2019
17 The Die Has Been Cast! The devil is an angry but defeated foe February 1, 2019
18 The Devil’s Ground Is Not Your Battle Ground! We cannot win like Jesus and be wicked like the devil! March 2, 2019
19 Remember: The Beast Is A Beast! Freedom to worship the Creator is not something we can take for granted September 7, 2019
20 When you Least Expect It Don’t be afraid of the future and of the end; God  will protect His people in the final battle against the dragon. September 14, 2019
21 I Can’t Believe You Made It! The perspective of victory strengthens us in the battle September 21, 2019
22 Not All Good News Is The Good News! Three Angels’ Message November 2, 2019
23 Don’t Jump to Conclusions Too Soon In spite of all accusations, God is just. There will be a time of final answers. November 30, 2019
24 A Way Where There's No Way… Christ 1st and 2nd Advent together complete the act of Salvation December 21, 2019
25 Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!? The secret of a victorious life - faithfulness: never lose sight of what God has done for you in the past. December 28, 2019
26 More Than Just A Matter of Time… Jesus' coming in not only a matter of time. It's a matter of divine plan and purpose. In order to not be fooled we need to know what is to happen before He comes. January 11, 2020
27 Bride Wearing the Groom’s Clothes How can I be the bride of the Lamb? February 1, 2020
28 Someone Has to Take Him Out!  God/Good Will Eventually Overcome Devil/Evil February 22, 2020
29 The Best City Break Ever… Heaven February 29, 2020
30 Things of the Past Are of the Past… New Earth March 14, 2020