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Deeper SEASON 1! Uncovering the book of Matthew

In Deeper Season 1, Pastor Joseph Salajan and Pastor Andrew Nugent explored the book of Matthew in depth during Prayer Meeting.  During each session, they answered your questions posted on Facebook, Twitter or on site at Prayer Meeting.


Season 1 (2017)

Episode Title Topic Key Text Speakers
  Kickoff Series Overview  
1 Is the Virgin Mary Still a Virgin? Is there any biblical foundation for praying to the Virgin Mary? Matthew 1:22-25
2 Who Killed Those Innocent Little Boys? Is God to be blamed for disaster? Matthew 2:1-18
3 Called Least or Great in the Kingdom of Heaven?
  • What is the impact of the Kingdom of heaven in our life?
  • Can we live in the Kingdom of Heaven already? 
Matthew 3:11-12
4 Can you be really perfect? What does the Bible teach about perfection? Matthew 5:48
5 Would God Lead You into Temptation? How can we resist temptation? Matthew 5:16
6 Are there contradictions in the Bible? Is the Bible consistent with itself? Matthew 8:28-34 Joseph Salajan
Andrew Nugent
7 Did Jesus Know When He Was Coming? Did  Jesus contradict Himself with regard to his coming? Matthew 10:23 Joseph Salajan
Andrew Nugent
8 Can the Soul Be Destroyed? Is the soul immortal? Matthew 10:28 Joseph Salajan
Andrew Nugent
9 When Was Jesus Born? Can We Know the exact date of Christ's birth? Do details matter? Mattherw 2:1 Joseph Salajan
Andrew Nugent
10 Should (Could?) a Genuine Christian Celebrate Christmas? Is it ok for a Christian to celebrate Christmas? John 10:22
1 Corinthians 8:1-10
Joseph Salajan
Andrew Nugent


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