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This Week's Premiere: Proverbs 15 - Ecclesiastes 4


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Episode Chapters Topic
1 Genesis 1-8 Creation, sin, angels, Cain, Marriage
2 Genesis 9-31 History of the Israelite people, from Noah to Jacob and Esau.
3 Genesis 32-Exodus 4 Jacob wrestling with God to the persecution of God’s children in Egypt.
4 Exodus 5-27 Exodus recounts the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt.
5 Exodus 28-Leviticus 13 God  invites the Israelites into a covenant relationship.
6 Leviticus 14-27 God provides a set of laws that explain the ten commandments
7 Numbers 1-15 The book of Numbers describes the journey of the Israelites
8 Numbers 16-36 God gives the Israelites a set of laws to prepare them for the promised land.
9 Deuteronomy 1-25 These chapters provide a second account of the laws and instructions previously prescribed.
10 Deuteronomy26-Joshua7 Moses proclaims curses and blessings over the Israelites before he dies, and Joshua becomes their new leader.
11 Joshua 8 - Judges 3 The Israelites stray away from God, but He continues to rescue them despite their disobedience.
12 Joshua 4 - 21 In these chapters, human brokenness, God’s relentless love, and His amazing grace are in full display.
13 Ruth 1 - 1 Sam. 18 These chapters depict the unique family story of Ruth and Naomi and reveal how Israel developed as a monarchy under Saul. 
14 1 Sam 19-2 Sam 11 These chapters portray the regression of Saul, the progression of David to prominence.
15 2 Sam. 12 - 1 Ki. 5 These chapters outline the rise of David and the drama that unfolds in his family during his reign.
16 1 Kings 6-22 The chapters delve into the life and reign of King Solomon.
17 2 Kings 1 -18 These chapters recount Elijah’s ascension to heaven and Elisha’s prophetic ministry.
18 2 Kg 19 - 1 Chr. 6 These chapters look into the lives of the kings of Israel, their sinfulness, their repentance, and their successes and failures. 
19 1 Chr. 7 - 2 Chr. 4 The book of Chronicles provide genealogical information about the Israelites. 
20 1 Chr. 5 - 31 The books of Chronicles revisit the reigns of some of the kings of Israel and Judah.
21 2 Chr. 32 - Ne. 7 These chapters take us through the Babylonian captivity and the rebuilding of the wall and temple.
22 Ne. 5 - Job 12

These chapters discuss Nehemiah's reform in Jerusalem, Esther's ascension as queen in the Persian Empire, and Job's story of faith in the midst of trials.


23 Job 13 -42 These chapters continue to look into Job's story of faith and resilience. 
24 Psalms 1 -42 The book of Psalms is a collection of song lyrics first written in response to events in the lives of their authors. The Israelites later used them to worship God.
25 Psalms 43 - 80 The Israelites used the Psalms to worship God.
26 Psalms 81 - 119 The book of Psalms is a collection of song lyrics first written in response to events in the lives of their authors. The Israelites later used them to worship God.
27 Psalm 120 - Prov. 14 he book of Psalms is a collection of song lyrics used in worship while Proverbs is a book of wisdom.
28 Prov.15 - Eccles. 4 Both Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are books of wisdom.