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This Week's Premiere: Standing up for the oppressed (Amos)


The Bible Unmasked Premieres every Sunday at 7:30PM EST on the Plantation SDA YouTube channel.  Subscribe to our channel and enable notifications so you don't miss a single episode!  Premiere viewers on YouTube also get to interact and ask questions.

The Bible Unmasked is also available in Podcast format

Season 1 episodes of the Bible Unmasked are available here: Bible Unmasked Season 1

Season 2

Episode Chapters Topic
1 Genesis Learning from new beginnings
2 Exodus Breaking the bondage. Tips to your breakthrough
3 Leviticus Growing through healthy boundaries
4 Numbers Becoming better problem solvers
5 Deuteronomy Learning from the past for a better future
6 Joshua Growing your grit through grunt work
7 Ruth Handling losses preparing for new beginning
8 Ezra A cause greater than survival
9 Nehemiah Building through discouragement and distress
10 Esther God's timely intervention
11 Job Understanding suffering while empathizing with the sufferer
12 Proverbs Building Wealth
13 Ecclesiastes Facing death for a better appreciation of life
14 Songs of Solomon Commitment to love
15 Lamentations Could we find strength to face grief?
16 Hosea Invitation to intimacy
17 Amos Standing up for the oppressed