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My Testimony gives an insight of God’s love and how He changes lives. Each episode embraces biblical truth and encourages us to serve Him. You will hear about God’s love, mercy, power answered prayers and God’s help in times of great need. Our guests share how it is possible to increase your faith in God and stay connected to Him.


This Week's Premiere: Cody Appling II



My Testimony Premieres every Friday at 7PM EST on the Plantation SDA YouTube channel.  Subscribe to our channel and enable notifications so you don't miss a single episode!  Premiere viewers on YouTube also get to interact and ask questions of the special guest, Dawn and Collin.

Season 5

Episode Title
53 Melanie Purvis
54 Monique Lovelace
55 Josiah Ruff
56 Tamara Dawes
57 Marco Amodeo
58 Jonathan Henderson
59 Cody Appling
60 Michael Cabana
61 Patricia Cole
62 Chamra "Dean" Anthony
63 Marie Bassill
64 Kaivon Miller
65 Cody Appling Part II


Season 4

Episode Title
40 Ruben Joseph
41 Barbara Samuels
42 Eudora Stephens
43 Petula Beckles
44 Armando & Pastor Jennifer Hernandez
45 Carlos Edwards
46 Jonathan Rolle
47 Joseph Cartwright
48 Steve Dalton
49 Suzanne Thomas

Joanna & Jack Rieder

51 The Making of the Virtual Choir
52 Cecilia Williams (Mom)

Season 3

Episode Title
27 Justin Khoe
28 Miriette Dorval
29 Rob Stevenson
30 Lemuel Pierre
31 Garry Gordon
32 Luther Porcena
33 Armando and Pastor Jennifer Hernandez
34 Debora Mautte
35 Jasper Iturriaga
36 Joseph Salajan
37 Joseph Salajan
38 Myron Edmonds
39 Mystery Guest

Season 2



Episode Title
14 Atonte Myers
15 Paul Anderson
16 Yvette Willis
17 Philip & Melonie Harris
18 Season Cromwell
19 Joseph Anderson Part II
20 Jennifer Hernandez
21 Nicole Loiten
22 Elizabeth and Dexter Thomas
23 Nadeje and Sean Mills 
24 Addy Lubin
25 Kaleb Eisele
26 Dr. Eric Walsh

Season 1


Episode Title
1 Gari Ogata
2 Rick & Denise Mathis
3 Shiree Hughes
4 Terri & Albert
5 Joshua Callwood
6 Nicky Cameron
7 Melonie Harris
8 Dion Walden
9 Samantha Grady
10 Michael and Dora Adden
11 Joseph Anderson
12 Karla Santana
13 Our Testimony About My Testimony




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