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September 22, 2018 Service: Forgiveness Episode 4 "Dirty Hands Should Never Touch a Wound!"

by Joseph Salajan | September 21, 2018

Title: Dirty Hands Should Never Touch a Wound!

Speaker: Pastor Joseph Salajan

Theme: If you're a follower of Christ you should follow Christ's protocol for dealing with other people's sin. You can't be indifferent; you are the keeper of your brother!

Key text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/MAT.18.15-17.esv

Notes: https://bible.com/events/483354

Welcome & Announcements: Sasha-Marie Marshall

Children’s Story: Lavern Williams

Pastor's Corner: Pastor Joseph Salajan

Ministry in Action: Praise & Worship

Offering Call: Carlos Duncan

Praise And Adoration: Praise Team & Congregation

Intercessory Prayer: Dion Walden

Sermon: Pastor Joseph Salajan

Praise And Adoration: Praise Team & Congregation

Dedication in Song: Congregation

Benediction: Pastor Joseph Salajan

Afterglow: Praise Team & Congregation

Praise Leaders




Visual Arts/ProPresenter Brendon Hernandez  Sasha-Kay Faulknor

Sound Engineer Lawrence Sinclair  Ahren Anderson 

Acoustic Guitar

Bass Guitar Jeff Pierre

Drums Jamar Kelley 

Keys Claude Dolce 

Coordinator Lisa Simpson 

Songs In Today's Service

• Shoulders • Power in the Blood • Free Indeed • Break Every Chain • No Longer Slaves • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

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Church Copyright License (CCLI) License Number: 1659090

CCLI Stream License License Number: CSPL079645



  • Joseph Salajan

    Pastor Joe was born in the little town of Crasna (Romania). Ever since he was a child, he has been fascinated by the unique connection between pastors and their special book, the Bible. When at the age of 7 he received his first little Bible from a brave pastor who was able to procure it for him in spite of the interdictions of the communist regime, he felt special and decided one day he would become a pastor.

    After serving as a Pastor for 8 years in Romania, in 2013 he immigrated to the USA. He currently serves as Lead Pastor of Plantation Seventh-day Adventist Church. Along with his wonderful wife Anda and their gorgeous daughter Alessandra, he enjoys proclaiming God’s grace and ministering to his fellows.

    By God's grace, in February 2020 he completed my doctoral program obtaining a Doctor of Ministry degree in Preaching/Homiletics from Andrews University. His hobbies are languages, music, and poetry.