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Jesus at the Center 2019 ARCHIVE

The Price of Prayer (Complete Service)

by James Malone | August 28, 2021

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Theme: Why humility is essential to effective and powerful prayer

Title: The Price of Prayer

Speaker: James Malone

Key text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/2Ch.7.14.esv https://www.bible.com/bible/59/Luk.18.9-14.esv

Notes: http://bible.com/events/48753671

Date: August 28, 2021

Praise And Adoration: • He's Able • Because He Lives • Because Of Who You Are

Welcome & Announcements: Pastor Jennifer Hernandez

Children’s Story: Nicole & Andrew Loiten

Pastor's Corner:

Ministry in Action: Children's Ministry (Nicole & Andrew Loiten)

Offering Call: Carlos Edwards

Praise And Adoration: • Agnus Dei • This is the Air I Breathe

Intercessory Prayer: Mozart Porcena

Sermon: Elder James Malone

Dedication in Song: • Lord I Need You

Benediction: Elder James Malone


Sabbath School Host Fabienne Desir

Sabbath School Panelists Panel: Daniel Desir & Jennifer Hernandez

Pastor's Line Q&A

Praise Leader Olivia Smith

Alto Nisha Laroche

Soprano Maula Dunkley

Tenor Dane Hurst

Visual Arts/ProPresenter Nikki Dehnert

FOH (Sanctuary) Sound Engineer Kevin Peter

Live Stream Sound Engineer Euthan Coombs

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar Eddy Paul

Drums Lucky Edouard

Keys Claude Dolce




Songs In Today's Service • He's Able • Because He Lives • Because Of Who You Are • Agnus Dei • Lord I Need You

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  • James Malone

    James Malone was born and raised on the beautiful island of Antigua. James grew up in the Church and was involved in ministry from an early age. He has been a part of Church leadership in various Churches over the past 27 years. He has served in several roles including Elder, Youth Leader, Sabbath School Teacher, Treasurer and Finance ministry leader. As a product of Christian Education, James is passionate work to preserve, improve and grow Church schools. He currently serves as a Board member of the local Church school, Sawgrass Adventist School and the Board of Education at the Florida Conference of SDA Churches.
    James attended Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica and received a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration in 1996 from Northeastern University in Boston. James began his professional career as a Certified Public Accountant and currently works as financial professional in the investment management industry.
    James is married to his beautiful wife LaToya and together they are raising three wonderful children. James loves to serve to see people grow in Jesus, connect with each other and become vibrant disciples of Jesus.