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Jesus at the Center 2020 ARCHIVE

Jesus at the Center of My Family Episode 3: Childhood (Service)

by Ruddy Vivanco | October 12, 2020

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Theme: Raising Children in a Christ Centered Family

Title: Jesus at the Center of My Family Episode 3: Childhood

Speaker: Rudy Vivanco

Date: October 11, 2020

Tags: #psdatv #jatc #Jesus #child #children

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  • Ruddy Vivanco

    Ruddy Vivanco is the Pastor of the South Tacoma Adventist Fellowship in Tacoma, Washington, where he mentors people to have an authentic and vibrant relationship with Christ. Pastor Ruddy was first introduced to Christ at his young age but years passed until he committed his life to ministry when a young adult. Since then, he has shared the Gospel in several continents including Asia, Australia, North and South America.
    Prior to becoming a Christian, he completed his studies in Computer Engineering in his home country, Ecuador. He later obtained his Master in Divinity degree from the Adventist Institute of Advanced Studies, AIIAS, in the Philippines and is now culminating his Doctoral degree from Andrews University in Michigan, USA.
    Pastor Ruddy enjoys playing sports, traveling, good food and spending time with family and friends.