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Now We Tight (Complete Service)

by Dexter Thomas | July 18, 2020

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Theme: Deepening connections and building community during COVID

Title: Now We Tight

Speaker: Dexter Thomas

Key text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/GEN.2.18.esv

Notes: http://bible.com/events/25423915

Date: July 18, 2020

Tags: #psdatv #COVID #virus #connect #connections #community #relationships #lonely #loneliness

Welcome & Announcements: Pastor Joseph Salajan

Praise And Adoration: • Song Of My Heart • All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name • All The Earth

Children’s Story: Olivia Smith & Family

Pastor's Corner:

Ministry in Action:

Offering Call: Chanice Allen

Praise And Adoration: • Were It Not For Grace • Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)

Intercessory Prayer: Dion Walden

Sermon: Pastor Dexter Thomas

Dedication in Song: • Refiner

Benediction: Pastor Dexter Thomas


Sabbath School Moderator Lavonne Brown

Sabbath School Panelists Edouard Bien Aime Andrew Brown

Praise Leaders




Visual Arts/ProPresenter Michael Nicolas 

Sanctuary Sound Engineer Patrick Francois 

Live Stream Sound Engineer Melcardo Blackwood 

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Bass Guitar





Coordinator Addy Lubin

Songs In Today's Service • Song Of My Heart • All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name • All The Earth • Were It Not For Grace • Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) • Refiner 

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  • Dexter Thomas

    Dex has been doing motivational speaking around the world for the past 15 years, speaking in hundreds of organizations and to over 20,000 in-dividuals in 10 countries. His heart is to teach practical tools for improving every area of our life.

    Dexter knows about motivation and overcoming because he has over-come significant difficulties in his own life. Born blind into a poor fam-ily of eight children on the Island of Trinidad, his early life had many limitations. As a young adult, he was in a serious accident in which he was severely injured and nearly died.

    In spite of these early obstacles, he went on to achieve several signifi-cant milestones, including earning two Masters degrees and a doctor-ate in U.S. schools. He has traveled and spoken extensively throughout the United States and the Caribbean, as well as in Europe and Asia, speaking in 10 countries so far. He was the founder of an outreach to the poor and homeless in Oakland, California. He is currently the founding director of a nonprofit that services the blind community. In addition, he has several inventions and products under development, runs a real estate business, and has written three books:

    - From Rags to Ruin: Stories and Sermons from a Street Preacher
    - Messy Revival: Funny Stories for a Change
    - 40 Days of Power: An innovative approach to improving your wellbeing and maximizing your potential