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Don Curtis

Donald Curtis, is an ordained elder since 1994 and certified international evangelist who has
preached in the Caribbean, Africa, Canada, Jamaica and here in the United States.
A certified Bible Worker and Vice President of Laos Ministry, the Lord has laid a burden on my heart
and has been a blessing in garnering many souls for the kingdom. I love the Lord and my life goal as a
Christian is to see the coming of our Christ in the shortest possible time and be ready.
Over the years, I have served in all offices of the church with the burning desire for cohesiveness
amongst the family of God that the world can say, oh how they love each other.
My favourite book is the Bible and spends time reading the word every day. My favourite scripture
passage can be found in the Epistle of Paul to the Philippians 3 v 10, which says, ‘That I might know
Christ and the power of His resurrection’.
I love singing, although it is not my best attribute. My favourite song is ‘Just over the mountain in the
promised land, lies the Holy City, built by God’s own hands.
My work for the cause of Christ has been extensive and has led me to Organize and conduct annual
Health Fair and mission trips in Jamaica and Kenya since 2011 and a supporter of food for the poor
with their Haitian mission. Annual back to school supplies and treat for schools in North East St.
Catherine, Jamaica
I am currently pursuing a Masters in conflict management and a BSc in Biblical Hermeneutics with
the Trinity College of the Bible and Theological Seminary, Ohio, 2016-2021.
I am a Notary Public, a Member of American Association of Notaries since ’97. I am the father of four
grown children, two boys and two girls.
As we are in the stage of the end of earth as we know it let us be ready, put away idleness and the
sins that so easily beset us.