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Kevin James

Born into a home of Christian parents, Kevin was
dedicated to the medical missionary work when he
was one month old, and accepted Jesus Christ about
twelve. During his teen years, Kevin’s spiritual journey
drifted away from God due to several circumstances.
Nicknamed “Maniac” in high school his life had become
a dedicated rejection God.
However, God kept in earnest pursuit of him all those
wayward years. Finally, God gracefully grabbed Kevin’s
attention and captivated his heart while serving in the Air Force during the
Iranian hostage crises. After contact with a Seventh-day Adventist Kevin
read his way into the Church, and at the age of 23 was baptized into Christ
Jesus and the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Since then, Kevin has had the
privilege of completing a Christian college education, became one of the
fjrst two dedicated bible workers for Amazing Facts, was ordained into the
gospel ministry, and has pastored 12 difgerent congregations in 5 districts
and 3 states over more than 20 years.
Kevin married Michelle Baum on December 11, 1988, and they have
two grown girls: Brittni and Kandice. Kevin has served as the director of
Legislative Afgairs of the Nevada-Utah Conference, was the Springville Camp
Meeting Superintendent for seven years, served on the NV/UT Conference’s
Ordination Committee, and sat on the Pacifjc Union Executive Committee
(4 years) along with various subcommittees. He was also a delegate to the
2005 General Conference held in St. Louis, MO. He has been the Associate
Director of the Public Afgairs and Religious Liberty Department since July