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Jesus is Coming Soon. So What...... (Complete Service)

by Nick Palmer | November 21, 2020

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Theme: End times and the Great Commission

Title: Jesus is Coming Soon. So What......

Speaker: Nick Palmer

Key text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/MAT.28.3-8,13,14.esv

Notes: http://bible.com/events/47545625

Date: November 24, 2020

Tags: #psdatv #EndTimes #SecondComming #TheGreatCommission #EndOfTheWorld #WarsandRumorsofWars #apocalypse #wars #rumors #revelation

Welcome & Announcements: Jack Rieder

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Children’s Story: Dawn Williams

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Offering Call: Daniel Desir

Praise And Adoration: • Holy Spirit

Intercessory Prayer: Fred Tony

Sermon: Nick Palmer

Dedication in Song: • The Cause Of Christ

Benediction: Nick Palmer


Sabbath School Moderator Dion Walden

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  • Nick Palmer

    Husband of Louraine Blake-Palmer and Father of Tyler and Madison. Active in youth & young adult ministry for 17 years. I believe the church must work harder to stay relevant to the unchurched and younger generations. Passionate about the church getting outside its walls and being a center of influence for Jesus.