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Let Us Make Man Episode 2 "The Devil in My Sweetheart"

by Shion O'Connor | June 6, 2016

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Theme: Satan has mastered the art of coming through the door that can't be shut

Title: The Devil in My Sweetheart

Series: Let Us Make Man Week of Prayer

Speaker: Shian O'Connor

Key text: https://www.bible.com/bible/59/GEN.3.17.esv

Date: June 6, 2016

Key Points:

God knew no one wants to live alone for eternity? Who wants to live forever unhappily? God never intended human beings to be alone God wired our brain to interact as social beings God Himself is not alone. When God refers to Himself He said Us God is Love because love is only love when it is shared God wired us to want somebody, to interact with somebody Adam had to make a choice between what God told him and what Eve told him Adam's wife and devil were communicating/What's Apping God designed man to be the head of the spiritual household If you're having marital problems and you're a member of the church you're not the first Just because you have marital problems doesn't mean you're a terrible sinner Adam had no in-laws and he still had problems with Eve As long as there's a devil, we will have marriages in trouble Adam realized he had a wife problem The Wife God gave Adam caused him to sin so don't feel bad if you have issues in your marriage Why would Job's wife encouraged Him to curse God and die? The devil incited her Abraham's wife almost caused God's plan to be derailed If you remain faithful to God, he knows how to remove the devil from your marriage and your life Why Does God want us to remember Lot's wife. She was married to the only righteous man in Sodom and was still lost. Her husband's righteousness couldn't save her Marriage is not a comprehensive insurance plan If you think marriage is wonderful now, you can't imagine what God has in store for us If the devil is in your sweetheart, don't let it affect your eternal destiny

Date: June 6, 2016

A week of prayer presentation by Shian O'Connor from Plantation SDA Church June 6, 2016

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  • Shion O'Connor

    Pastor Shion O’Connor currently serves as the President of the Cayman Islands Conference of
    Seventh Day Adventists. He has served in a number of offices, among them are Family
    Ministries Director, Public Affairs and Religious Liberty Director, Education Secretary, Personal
    Ministries Director and Men’s Ministry Coordinator.
    He is a graduate of Northern Caribbean University in Jamaica with a Bachelor of Arts in
    Religion and Theology. He holds a Bachelor of Law with Honours from the University of
    Liverpool in England, and Masters in Human Services with emphasis in Marriage, Couples, and
    Family Counselling from Cappella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is currently
    pursuing a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology from the California Southern University.
    Pastor O’Connor has served the church at various levels as a member of the General Conference
    Executive Committee, the Inter- American Division Committee, the Atlantic Union Committee
    and the Board of Governors for the Northern Caribbean University.
    In the Cayman Islands, Pastor O’Connor has served as a member of the Cayman Islands
    Constitution Modernization Committee. He currently serves a member of the Standard in Public
    Life Commission, which monitors the transaction of Government and the conduct of persons in
    public office.
    He is an outstanding evangelist, who has conducted campaigns in the Caribbean, North America,
    Europe and Africa. The Lord has blessed him with a unique method of presenting the gospel in
    childlike simplicity but with Holy Ghost boldness.
    He is married with two children.