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Johann Taylor

My name is Johann Taylor. I am 15 years old. Currently in the Pathfinders Club. I am the son of two wonderful Trinidadian parents, Janielle Lalite and Jared Taylor. I love playing football and playing the saxophone. I joined pathfinders when i was 9 and i am currently a guide. I joined the church maybe a little before that and from then to now its been really fun. I go to South Broward High School. Most of my family almost all is Seventh-Day Adventist. My father is a pastor himself and preaches at Restoration Praise Center in Washington D.C. I am in the drum choir and i am the Section leader for the Bass Section. I am a very tall person standing at 6'2". I like to make fun of my mom because she is shorter than me and sometimes just rest my hand on her head to provoke her.